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Author: Aid Velić 🇫🇮

Živjo! Sem Aid Velić, obiskujem program avtoservisni tehnik in sem na mobilnosti v mestu Vaasa na Finskem.

Day 13 – Honda

Today we had to change the tires on Honda. We have put the winter tires on. The car was completely new so we had to check everything to make sure

Day 12 – Differences

I started a new day with a cup of coffee. I think I don’t really “function” before it. As I already said, not a morning type. There are many differences

Day 11 – Work hard

I can proudly say that we worked hard today, as you can see. It is common to do an oil change on a car, or some tire and engine work,

Day 10 – Delicious food

So, I got up early, already thinking about food. Then I went to work and saw this great lunch that waited for us. I quickly took a picture and started

Day 9 – “Winter Wonderland”

It’s cold. It really is. I haven’t been used to everyday-low temperatures. It’s usually sunny in Slovenia and I miss the sun. But it all disappears when I notice the

Day 6 – Night out

It was finally the end of the week. “Petak” – how Slovenians would say. I felt tired somehow but I still had weekend on my mind. I finished the work

Day 5 – Monotony

Have you ever woke up wanting it to be Friday already? Why does this week take so long? Why haven’t I gone to bed earlier? … Always the same “morning

Day 4 – Indoors

I went straight to school after having done my morning routine and breakfast. We had to repair Citroen C5’s headlights. I found the work easy and quick. I didn’t sleep

Day 3 – Impressing views

Day 3 It was Tuesday. Our second school day. I wanted to see more so I woke up at 8 o’clock and went to school. We were told we needed

Day 2 – First school day

We woke up at 8 o’clock and had breakfast. Right after we got ready, our mentor Marko came to pick us up. He drove us to the school. I must

Off to Finland

I finally packed my bags. I thought: “It’s real now – I’m going to Finland.” My best friend spent the night at my place. We played online video games and


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