I could get used to that

Here I am spending my last days in Finland. The thought of going home soon makes me sad, because I have a very good time here and I learn something new every day.

It seems to me that the students here are extremely lucky because they have such advanced devices and tools in the school, I think our school would also need it.

Today I drove a very large and advanced forklift, it runs on gas and is quite easy to drive. You can lift up to 2 tons with it, which I think is quite a lot. Janne gave us an instruction book to read the instructions for operating the forklift. At the beginning, a classmate showed us the engine and fluids that need to be checked before driving, such as engine oil, window fluid, and some others that I don’t remember. He also showed us how to drive it and gave us the task of moving pallets from one place to another on the outdoor training ground. The student who taught us how to drive was very friendly and his English was very good. We also talked about other things and we told him that we were in Lapland this weekend and he was very surprised because he had never been there himself. I notice that here in Jyväskyla, young people as old as us have not been there yet, because the journey is very long. We recommended that he should visit this beautiful place and explore his country, because it is very beautiful in our opinion.

He was interested in some things about Slovenia, such as which places are worth visiting, what our traditional food is, what kind of animals we have here, what our school looks like and many other things. We were happy to answer all his questions.

Work went by very quickly today and we learned something new again.

Alja Cencelj


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