Do you know that it’s already January 2020??? I still can’t believe it. On todays date, 2 months ago I was discovering Santa Cruz with Lara. I can’t believe that that was so long ago. Time passes by so fast. We had so much fun. We survived in Tenerife for one months but for us it feels like it was just a couple of days. I still can’t believe that I got a chance to live and work in Spain for a whole month and I’m really grateful for that chance. The island was so tiny and giant at the same time. We thought that we would be able to visit every little corner of the island but we didn’t even ger near that. I really miss the warm weather and the bright sun which burned a little bit, I miss the Spanish language, the food and the free time we had to discover the island. Even if it was hard to find a way to go somwhere I was so excited to see new places or to get lost and discover something we didn’t even know about. It was hard to get back into the old rhytm, but I had to. I missed my flowers in the room(Eddie&Jerica) and I missed my home made meals made by my mom. Obviously I really missed my two best friends a lot.

But now is time to study and prepare for the finals and for prom. Even if I have a lot of work and I’m really busy, Tenerife is always on my mind and it will always stay in my heart.

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