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Author: Andraž Tilinger 🇪🇸 🇩🇪

ou yeah it is weekend

Moin, so it’s weekend and it is our last whole weekend so we are going to get out of it as much as we can. So we went to a

Counting days till weekend

Moin, so it is Wednesday today and nothing much interesting happened till now. I am pretty excited for next week because I am going to work in Hall 7 in

Monday again…

Moin, our third week here is starting and it will be pretty much the same as the last one so if we do something interesting you will know. That’s it

Throwback to Wednesday

Moin, so we had a tour of Bremen that was spectacular and I really loved it. Jana who was our tour guide told us a lot of stuff about the town, after

So it is Friday or what

Moin So there will be a party 🎉 🎈 🎊  because one of the guys that are in the same building has a birthday. So we will have a cake and everything.

Guess I can call it small Friday

Moin, and it is almost end of the week. On Wednesday we had a city tour with Jana. That day I was feeling awful because I had fever and headache…

Ughh Monday

Moin, I don’t know who invented Mondays because nobody likes them… soo after the first day in Daimler we were all a bit tired so we took a nap and then


Moin, so after one week of school,  here in Bremen, we had the whole weekend for ourselves. I was making us a lunch and later we went to fitness, in


Moin we made it to the Friday.  So on that point, we are getting used to be here and drive with buses and trams. We regularly visit gym which is

I got sick

Moin Whaaat, that’s not possible.. I got sick,  it was horrible but only for two days and then I was feeling better. So after that I cooked us a proper Slovenian

Few days later

Moin so today we woke up early to get to the company for a tour. We were not allowed to take pictures because they have strict rules about that. We were

First day

Hello or Moin as the Germans here would say. First of all the flights to get here were good without any problems. When we arrived in Bremen I was surprised