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Author: Domen Horjak 🇮🇹 🇪🇪

Živjo! Sem Domen in obiskujem program avtoserviser. V okviru projekta YES Europe sem se udeležil izmenjave v Averso v Italiji.

Until next time Aversa!

So the last day of this exchange came… We got up at 8 and had breakfast. I packed my stuff and we left for the hotel. There I met other

First goodbyes and certificates

We got to school at 8 and we had to finish the folder diaries that we got the first day. That day we didn’t really do much, we just hung


In the morning the first thing I did is catch a bus to go to Pompeii. The ride was fun because I saw a lot of new things and got

Architecture school and pizzeria

It was the 4th day so I got used to everything. The crazy traffic, weird eating habits, school and the people. That day we met in front of architecture school

Learning from the best

We woke up at 6.30 like every day and we went to school by a trian. We had a PE class so we played some volleyball. After we had a

The school, Aversa, new friends

Second day, I woke up at 6.30AM. I went to the kitchen to meet the family and have breakfast. They told me that they don’t eat breakfast, they only drink

Meeting the family

 The journey began at 1.25 AM when I met the other students in Ljubljana, behind the school. I was a little tired but I was very excited. When the group