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Author: Jaka Petrovič 🇩🇪

Zdravo! Sem Jaka in obiskujem program logistični tehnik. V okviru projekta Y-Job sem se udeležil izmenjave v Marne v Nemčiji.

Day 7 – last day

This was the last day and time to go home…We said goodbye to our hosts and Germany itself.

Day 6

On wednesday we went to see seal breeding station and wadensea. Walking in the mud was really interesting but I also enjoyed seal breeding station.  

Day 5

On tuesday we went in Hamburg. Wonderful experience.

Day 4

On Monday it was Meta’s birthday. In school we continued our work with our projects and every country had to made their stand representing their country and culture.

Day 3

On sunday we went sightseeing island sylt. It was really nice.

Day 2

Second day was saturday so we had a day off. We werent doing anything till 18.00 when we went to REAL BBQ and after that we went in the city

Day 1

First day we went to school and we started working on our start-up projects. After that we went on na city rally and after that we had BBQ in school