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Author: Matic Omerzo ??

The end

Our big project ended on 24th of November 2018. We made many friendships and even more memories, it really was an amazing, unforgettable experience. Big thanks to everyone in YesEurope!

Time to say goodbye

On the last day of our project, we attended classes and reflected on the week and gave a feedback. After school students were free to roam the city, some went sightseeing,

The Golden Circle

The roots of both how this island formed and how its civil society was created can be found at Þingvellir. It is a place where dramatic geology meets a millennium

The hut

In the middle of the week we spent a night in a hut surrounded by geysers. There were 2 rooms for each sex (16 males, 6 females).After we settled, we walked to

Reykjavik and it’s companies

Reykjavik has many different companies, small and big, but all contribute to the community! Interesting facts: -It has a really low unemployment rate: 2.4% -80% are working and 18% of

Getting to know each other

We spent the week in Reykjavik City Hostel. The countries got mixed up when put in rooms because we had to get to know each other. When we accommodated, we

The flight to Iceland

It was a long trip fot sure, but an interesting one. Flying was new for some so it was fascinating. We had some small turbulence but in the end, the