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Author: Urška Jarc 🇮🇹

Živjo! Sem Urška in obiskujem program ustvarjalec modnih oblačil. V okviru projekta YES Europe sem se udeležila izmenjave v Averso v Italiji.

Officially over

On Friday morning I got ready just like the usual and went to school with Chiara. Once there i heard that we dont have to go to class but insted


It all flew by so fast. I was shocked when i realized we are going home today. I just got used to everything there and I didn’t want to leave

New sights to see

We were more than halfway done with the exchange and we didn’t eavn realized it. Just like every morning I woke up and got ready for the day. Of course

Travel agency and more

I loved Wednesday becouse we could sleep in. We also didn’t have to go to school. So i woke up at around 8.30 and did the usual stuff. We didn’t

Jewlery and an old city

Just like the usual i woke up got ready feeling recharge for the day and had the usual breakfast with cappuccino. Each day we had to go to the 1st

Meeting Aversa

On the second day of being in Aversa i woke up, got ready and drank my morning very much needed coffee.  Afterwards we went to school where we found out

New city, new people

  On sunday at midnight i was all packed and ready to leave home. I arrived at the school about 1 o’clock where we met with the rest of the

O meni

Welcome to my blog My name is Urška Jarc and I am 17 years old. I go to school at SIC Lubljana. I am also one of the students from