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Author: Urška Konda 🇮🇹

Živjo! Sem Urška in obiskujem program ustvarjalec modnih oblačil. V okviru projekta YES Europe sem se udeležila izmenjave v Averso v Italiji.

Day 6

We met with groups and went to Bishop. It his palace we received certificats. Because they forgot a few papers we had to walk back to school to sign the

Day 5

We had a meeting at 8.00 where the bus was waiting for us. We drove to Pompei where we visited the city. It was really cool to experience where people

Day 4

We first had a meeting in local university of arhitecture at 9.20. We learned the system od university workimg and how many erasmus exchanges they had. They gave us tour

Day 3

On day 3we had a meeting point in front of school at 8.00am because the bus was waitong for us to drive us to Il Tari company. When we arroved

Day 2

Well here is monday. We first woke up, got ready, ate breakfast and meet friends before school. When we arrived at school I got a little pick of classes they

Day 1

We had a meeting on a parking lot next to school at and we left at 1.15 am as sceduled. We drove for about 3h aproximitley but we had

A week before leaving

it is a week before leaving for Neapelj. it is kinda hard if your limited with luggage you can carry with you so there is measuring that luggage can fit