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Author: Florijan Vidmar 🇫🇮

At the end we all have to go home

On Saturday we got up in the morning with classmates at 6:00. Outside Coordinator Teemu was waiting with his van and took us to the train station and showed us

Potovanje domov

V soboto sva s sošolcem zjutraj vstala ob 6.00. Zunaj naju je čakal koordinator Teemu s svojim kombijem in naju je odpeljal na železniško postajo ter nama pokazal koko kupiti

Thursday 30th

On Thursday morning I woke up all sleepy. When I got up I barely got ready to go to work. The morning was very cold and windy. After a long

The park

On Wednesday, it was an ordinary day. This morning I got up and got ready and went to work. When it was over I went home and came back to

Tuesday 14th

I woke up on Tuesday morning. I was very sleepy but nevertheless it was necessary to awaken. I went to the bathroom and washed. Then me andclassmate headed to the

Finnish sauna

Today I will introduced a sauna. Sauna is a space with a wooden interior and the heater to achieve high temperatures. Sauna is in winter very essential. When people get

All roads lead to work

It all begins in the morning when we get up. Then head toward the kitchen and prepare ourselves breakfast. After a good breakfast we head toward the bathroom and brush

Work day

In the morning we first went by foot to the school where we were greeted by Teemu. With the school van we drove together to the company. There we found

Finland and Vaasa

Vaasa is a city in Finland, which lies north-east of Helsinki. The surface is 183 square kilometers long. It has about 66,405 inhabitants. Vaasa has three University of Vaasa, Novia

Četrtek 16.3

Na četrtkovo jutro sem se zbudil ves zaspan. Ko sem komaj vstal sem se pripravil za odhod na delo. Jutro je bilo zelo mrzlo in vetrovno. Po dolgi in naporni

Obisk parka

V sredo je bil čisto običajen dan. Zjutraj sem vstal in se pripravil ter odšel na delo. Ko je bilo konec sem se odpravil domov in prišel nazaj v hostel

School day

After a long and tiring night we woke up on Monday morning. Teemu came for us in morning in front of hostel with his van and took us to the