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Ice hockey

Ice hockey is the main sport in Finland. They have one o hockey team in the world and a player which play in NLF, best hockey league in the world.

Traveling- a great experience

The trip started a at 4.30 from Ljubljana. We drove around two hours to a Zagreb airport. We had been there two hours before the fly. We had two flights,

My first impressions

My first week in Finland was very good. The start was a little strange, because our organizer from Finland say we didn’t go to school because our teacher is sick.

What have I learned

Even thought we went home earlier, I learned a lot of new things. I improve my English skills. I learned how to save and organize money by days. I learned

Life abroad

Living in a foreign country takes time to get used to. There is a lot of ups and downs of living abroad. The great thing about living abroad is that

Time shift

The people here are really different. It looks like I went 2 centuries back in time. You can basically see what every person listens to base on their dress sense. 

The two weeks passed to fast

This two weeks were one of best weeks in my life. I had a load of fun. But everything is over at some point. They shut down our school because

The first day in Motonet

The first day at Motonet was very good. At first, I was very scared of the new place, where I was working, because I didn´t know anyone who was working

2 weeks passed soo fast..

Its been soo fast exchange I mean 2 weeks passed soo fast that I cannot realize. The reason why are we been just 2 weeks it’s f spreading virus Covid-19

Living abroad

Living abroad was really fun. You can feel the difference between living here in my home country and Finland. If we compare Finland to Slovenia, I have to admit that

Life abroad

Living in Spain isn´t that different to living in Slovenia. Most things have nearly identical cost. They have a slightly larger standar of living there and so things like rent

Taking the senic route

We started our trip home at around 6‏ am when we got on a bus to Madrid. The trip was long but the bus was equiped with wifi and screens