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Izmenjava v okviru projekta YES Europe II: Youth in Education and Studies


6. 4. 2019, Wasn’t even late at that day, ate our breakfast slowly, sayed goodbye to the most caring and sweet host parents on the planet. We were meeting at


5. 4. 2019, Arrived to school at 8am. We had some time to finish our folders that we got on Monday, to write down answers about the things that we

5th day: POMPEII

4. 4. 2019, In the morning we were in a hurry again, ate breakfast, drank coffee, got ready really fast. When we arrived in front of the school our bus


3. 4. 2019, Breakfast was not special,what doesn’t mean it was bad, just peanut butter on bread, croissant, a couple of biscuits and espresso. We weren’t even late but still


2. 4. 2019, Woke up pretty early that day. For breakfast I had peanut butter that my host mother bought just for me, because Francesco told her that it is

Moja sedma objava🛣🛫🛬🚘

He came and this day (the last day) was difficult for us all because we were able to go back to their countries or in their homes. So we were told

Until next time Aversa!

So the last day of this exchange came… We got up at 8 and had breakfast. I packed my stuff and we left for the hotel. There I met other

Zadnji dan in pot domov

V petek smo imeli zadnji dan programa Erasmus+. Zjutraj smo dokončali naše zapiske in izpolnili še nekaj listin. Nato smo se odpravili do neke prekrasne stavbe kjer smo imeli podelitev


In the morning we had to catch a bus, to go to Pompeii. The ride was fun because I saw a lot of new things and make a little nap,

Univerzija in Estate agency

Ta dan smo si ogledali univerzo za umetnost, arhitekturo in oblikovanje, ter Estate agency. Na univerzi so nam razložili problem primanjkovanja enih poklicev in presežek drugih, ter kako so se

First goodbyes and certificates

We got to school at 8 and we had to finish the folder diaries that we got the first day. That day we didn’t really do much, we just hung


In the morning the first thing I did is catch a bus to go to Pompeii. The ride was fun because I saw a lot of new things and got