Saturday was our last day in Madrid, so we started to pack up already on Thursday. Due to the Easter holidays they have in Spain, we were at home on Thursday and Friday. So we were able to put our clothes away in peace and in the afternoon we were able to take a little walk through the streets of Madrid. We also washed the dishes that remained in the funnel and vacuumed the whole apartment. I agreed with the caretakers of the apartment to hand over the keys, but this was not necessary and we were able to leave them on the table in the apartment. A colleague ordered an Uber and we left apartment around 1pm; followed by a 20 minute drive to the airport from which we flew from. After our plane showed on departure table  we went to check in to get plane tickets and then a long wait for the plane followed. We had the flight at 17:00 but we preferred to leave early in case there were any traffic problems or at the airport. As I had because I have only been vacinateod once , I needed quick negative corona test which costed enourmous 50euros, which took me around 45min because of the waiting line. On the Flightradar app, I followed how our plane was traveling to Madrid and even before it landed it was already a bit late, so we were a little nervous about whether we would be able to catch a flight from Frankfurt.The flight went normal, it lasted 2 and a half hours and we landed in Frankfurt as planned, a little late,but soon enough because they rescheduled the flight to Slovenia twice, soo we had more than enough time.We were taken by buses that run underground the entire airport to our plane, which we boarded, and after less than an hour and a half we landed at Jože Pučnik Airport. I had to wait for them to unload my luggage, to pick up my suitcase and then go to my parents who were already waiting for me.

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