A month passed

Its been a month since i got back to Slovenia and i really miss Spain. Now that i got home i had talked with all my friends and family and tell them everything about Spain. There food, lifestyle, drinks they wanted to know everything. I even had a presentation at student dormitory. They all listen and had so many questions. They loved the photos and how Spain people respond to Slovenians. I miss my Iveco guys so much, we still chat over messenger and instagram and they even put our photo on the wall at the workshop. We share a lot of great memorise and i am happy that i meet them. I wish i could go back  and talked with them and go out for a drink and food. They were my little family and will allways be. We made a bond and i hope some of them will visite Slovenia for holidays. I would love to show them around. I know they would love Slovenian nature and food. After all i am happy to be home and i have a lot to catch up in school, a lot of homeworks need to be done.

This is my last english blog from Spain. Hope to travel more and give it back to you soon. Cao!

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