My trip back home

On saturday we pack our bags and went to the airport in Madrid. We check in and i got i window seat. I was so happy becouse i allways wished for it. The flight was good,smooth take off and landing. I was happy to go home but on the other end i was sad becouse it was all over and i wished for a longer trip. So we get on the plane and we sit down and there was this young girl sitting next to me so i could watch cartoons all the time from Spain to Italy. We watched Pepa Pig,Ben 10 and Super Heros. The view out the window was great,pink clouds like in a fairytail. So we get to Italy, airport Marco Polo and we wait for eachother at the exit. We meet up and go to the exit. There we waited for a van but on our surprise there was brand new Audi and the driver was hella funny. We talked and joked all the way to Ljubljana. It was way colder than in Madrid but a warm hug from my parents changed everything. I missed them so much and it was great to be back home.  After they picked me up at school we went for lunch to chines restaurant. It was nice,we had great time. They than took me back home and we talked all evening.

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