Journey home

On Saturday, 30.11.2019 our journey home began. It was quite complicated and tiring.

The first problems came because we could not use the troll, because they have the prescribed suitcase height and, as the girls feel, they were too high. In consultation, we decided to call a taxi service to book a driver who would take us from home to the airport. It was good until they told us the price, which was very expensive for us.

A little tired we headed down the steep streets of Tenerife to the main road, which didn’t suit us the best. We were stopped by a friendly taxi driver and taken to the main bus station, where we stopped at the bus and were on our way to the airport. The estimated flight at 14.00pm was slightly delayed. We landed in Madrid around 18.00pm. Until next flight, it was a long time since it was scheduled at 21.00pm. We landed in Venice around 11pm, found our GoOpti driver and headed for Ljubljana.

Many of the roads were closed in Italy and we drove much more along the old road, which led to longer drive and added a little more to fatigue. At three in the morning, our parents cheered us on.

This exchange has made an impression on me for my entire life. I have learned a lot and enjoyed it immensely.

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