Museum Vapriikki

On Friday me and Tamara were in school for only a few hours. We taught that we were going to be finished at 15 o’clock but we were outside at 13.30. We were very happy. We dicided that we wil have lunch at McDonals because we haven’t been there yet. We called our friend Vanessa to join us. We met outside the restaurant. The meal was very good. We were all very full, but that didn’t stop us from going to a museum. Vanessa was there already so we knew what to expect. There was a lot of interesting exhibitions, but my favourite wa the one with stones, cristals, diamonds and trees. The way trees were shown was beautifull. Their middles were shown and I taught that it was beatifull. There were also many old video games and we could play them. And the amazingness went on and on.

Oglejte si tudi