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Author: Luka Hočevar 🇫🇮

Taking a ride in the truck 8.3.2017

Today was the first time we took a bus from our apartment to the school and back. When we arrived at school Simo gave us a task to go on

Learning the basics 7.3.2017

First day sleeping at our new apartment was great except for the part of waking up. Andrej took us to the school at 8.10 am since we hadn’t had our

First day in our apartment 6.3.2017

At 8 am Žiga and I went downstairs in the dinning room where we had our breakfast. After breakfast we took everything from our room and took it downstairs becouse

My trip to finland 5.3.2017

Our trip to Finland started sunday morning with getting up very  early in the morning. We went to the airport where we met our escorting teachers. After saying a few