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Author: Miha Kolesa 🇫🇮

promet na cesti

Kadar smo odhajali na delo k delodajalcu in prav tako  ko smo se vračali nazaj je na cestah bilo zelo malo ljudi. Ko smo se med vikendom prevažali malo po


Bil je čisto navaden dan ko smo zjutraj ustali in si umili zobe nato smo si za zajtrk pripravili kakšne kosmiče po navadi cornflekse ali pa smo si napravili tovste

what have i learned

It was a normal Saturday morning when we got up and saw that the sun was shining with all its might that we couldn’t help but get ready for a

living in finland

It was one of those usual days where we got up and went to work and come back to the apartment, so we thought about what could we do n

Different lifestyle

when I was in Finland I soon realized there was a very big difference in a lifestyle compared to Slovenia that it was kind of hard for me to adapt

Free time

Finnish people are not very social so there aren’t many things they do in their free time. one of the things that were interesting to me that they did was

Hilarious working tale

When I arrived to work in the second week of working at the company rinta-jouppi I got changed into working clothes. I then went to ask what was the job

First thoughts

When I first arrived in Finland and got off a train I firstly took a look at its environment I thought it was a bit bland and empty but didn’t

Traveling charms

When i heard i was going to finland with Erasmus ka-2 i was so hyped i couldnt sleep well at night. when the day of departure came i was already