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Author: Simona Skok 🇩🇰

Živjo! Sem Simona, obiskujem program logistični tehnik in sem na mobilnosti v mestu Sønderborg na Danskem.

Day #10 (17.4.) – P.E. in Denmark🏃🏻‍♀️

Today we found out that they need to have P.E. in Denmark everyday for 25 minutes, but because of rheir teching problem they take a long walk or play between

Day #9 (16.4.) – practice💪🏼

Today we finaly start with practice. We were editing storage shelfs. We had to put 40 different items on it. After we did this we had to make a table

Day #8 (15.4.) – lazy sunday😴

On Sunday we watched movies and sleep because weather was bad. It was raining outside.

Day #7 (14.4.) – the city 🏙

Altough the weather was bad we went in the center of city. We walked around almost all day and watched the attractions of the city. We decided to go to

Day #6 (13.4.) – Fridaaay yaaaaay🎉

Its finally friday. We finished school earlier today. We didn’t do much in school because they had a test. We listen to some music and look for the attractions of

Day #5 (12.4.) – soooo bored

Today we worked in groups again but boys that were in my group did everything instead of my and I had nothing to do. Between working teachers came to say

Day #4 (11.4.) – special suprise 🚛

We tought that this day is school will be the same as the day before but they had a special suprise for us. Two times in a year they can

Day #3 (10.4.)

Today nothing special happend. We were in school from 8am to 3pm and had a presentations about Slovenia and our school teaching program. Everyone were amazed how beautiful our country

Day #2 (9.4.) – first day at school📚

Today was our first day at school. The school itself looks really nice outside and inside. It is quite big and they don’t have a lot of students. We are

Day #1 (8.4.) – the trip ✈️

Our day started with flight from Brnik to Munich. After 3 hours of waiting we flew from Munich to Københaven. Our journey continued with car ride to Sønderborg. When we