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Author: Tadej Grčman 🇫🇮

Fifth day of work

We finally got to work with the CNC machine. It was huge, bigger then any classroom at our school. Though we didn’t actually ‘work’ with it, we just checked it

Fourth day of work

On this day, we were working on the bottom halves of industrial fuel tanks for tractors and such. We grinded up the edges, smoothened up the holes and then cleaned

Third day of work

On the third day of work, we were assembling carbeds. First, we made sure the pieces were ready then we started assembling. There were many pieces required to make one

Second day of work

On the second day, we mostly just grinded the edges on the steel base pieces for wood cutter cranes, got some frozen brass rings, which were in the freezer overnight.

First day of work

We started work at 9AM. There was an introduction on where we are going to work and how it needs to be done. We also had a meeting for work

Ogled sole in mesta

Vceri smo cel dan leteli. Prvo smo prispeli v Frankfurt potlej pa smo leteli v Helsinki. Z busom smo se vozili iz Helsinkija do Tampere. Trajalo je skorej 3 ure.