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Mobilnosti dijakov v okviru Erasmus+ KA1

Leaving Spain

Hello. Finnaly, we made it. We made it trough the month of living in Spain. We could not wait to go home. So today, we got up, we were so

Trip to Toledo

Hola chicas y chicos! In English: Hello girls and boys. Just like any other day now, yesterday we got up end went to have a breakfast. After the breakfast we

Stadium Santiago Bernabeu

Hi, how are you? We are very well. We are enjoying our last days in Madrid. Today, when we got up, we went to eat breakfast. Breakfast was the same

twenty first day

Today started like every other day,  nothing special. After breakfast we had a little break and than decided to visit this citys main staidium called Santiago Bernabeu. This stadium is

Twentieth day

Hola! We are close to the last week already. I thought its going to go slower, that its going to take us longet than that  but we are having lots

Nineteenth day

Day started with the thought of a freak shakes for lunch. We got up really fast and got ready for work. That day time just didnt want to go by.

Last day in Iveco

Hello. Yesterday our mentor said that today is our last day in Iveco. Other workers do not work tomorrow and they do not even work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday next

Eighteenth day

Today we decide to be a bit late for work and take it slow. We came to work 15 minutes late but our boss Pier wasnt even angry he said

Seventeenth day

Today started with a good breakfast across the street form our hostel. We got up a bit earlier so we could eat in peace and than leave for work. Finally

Sixteenth day

Well what can I say Monday started like every other Monday, lazy and slowly. We got a quick breakfast and went to work. Work went slowly as well even tho

Fifteenth day

Hy there! Well where should I even start … I woke up with 13 other people in the room instead of just 5. We got ready and than left for

Moving in

Hola. How are you? We are good. We slept very well. We felt asleep when no one else was in the room and we have slept until the morning. When