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Author: Matej Hrovat 🇫🇮

Visiting the park

This morning I woke up a little before the sound on an alarm clock so I went to the bathroom and washed slowly. Then we went to work. When we

Another working day

When in the morning alarm clock rings at seven, there was a sunlight trough the window. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. Until the company we had

Ogled parka

Zjutraj sem se zbudil malo preden je zvonila budilka zato sem odšel v kopalnico in se počasi umil. Nato sva se s sošolcem odptavila na delo. Ko sva prišla nazaj

The usual working day

as every morning we woke up at 7. When I got up I looked out the window and saw that it is raining outside, so I became depressed because I

Finnish sauna

The sauna is a small room (usually with a wooden interior), which has a built-in heater or furnace to reach high temperatures. In the saunas peoples are exposed to hot

From the hostel to the company

the entire route from the hostel to companie takes about 30 minutes. When we get up in the morning we go out of the room, which is on the second

The first working day in the companie

Early in the morning we walked to school where we waited for Teemu. Together we went to companie in which we will work by the end of the exchange program.

A little about Finland and Vaasa

Finland is a country in northern Europe, which has an area of ​​338 000 km2 and 5.5 million people. Finland has for its size, very little population because of forests

The first day of school

Today we went to school for the first time. In the morning Teemu came to pick us in front of the hostel and drove us to school. There he first

Journey to Finland – Vaasa

In Finland We went on Sunday 5 March 2017 around four in the morning. First my parents and brother escorted me to the Airport Brnik, where we had a flight

Še en delovni dan

Ko je zjutraj ob sedmih zazvonila budilka je skozi okno sijalo sonce. Šel sem v kopalnico in se umil. Ko sva s sosolcem prisla do koles so bila cisto mokra,

Običajen delovni dan

kot vsako jutro naju je zbudila budilka ob 7:00. Ko sem vstal sem pogledal čez okno in videl, da zunaj pada dež, zato sem postal slabe volje, saj sem vedel,