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Mobilnosti dijakov v okviru Erasmus+ KA1

Free day

First time I can sleep a little bit longer: D. First we watched a little bit TV and just rest. After that we need to go to the store becouse

Way home

1.4.2017. In the morning we woke up quite early at 5.30 we made breakfast and spend a few other food.In front of the hotel we had to be at exactly

Friday excursion

31.3.2017. In the morning we woke up at 9:30 am, we drank coffee and slowly went to school, where we were greeted coordinator Seepo first invited us to school in

Last week in Finland

30.3.2017. And he came that day, that we must say goodbye to his mentors and managers, because it was the last day of the hardworking company.We decided to  go in


17.3.2017. On Friday, when I came into the company name I disguised and go to work, because I was very happy when my supervisor said that I need to replace

8 day in the company

On Wednesday we had for inspection together with the supervisor and other workers to clean the workshop, all the fluid lubrication, which were beyond the deadline we had to get

A Disastrous Day

On Monday, as usual in the morning us pick up student and take us to company.In Monday was a lot of work on the vehicles, we had to replace the

Spending Free Time Abroad

11.3.2017. On Saturday we slept a little longer, because it was free day.When we are resurrected, we go to the kitchen to make  breakfast, after breakfast we stayed longer in

A Day at Work

8.2.2017. In the morning he was picked up Sepo our leader and we drove to company. When we were together with Novak came to our company was later director company,

My first impression

7.3.2017. The first working day of school was very interesting because we realized students. With work I started in the vehicle on which it was necessary to replace the terminals,

The first day in Finland

2.4.2017. In the morning we woke up at 7.30. We made breakfast, eat slowly and went to school. There  are awaited us Sepo and Teuevo. In the office we drink

Pot domov

1.4.2017. Zjutraj smo se zbudili kar precej zgodaj  ob 5.30 smo si naredili zajtrk in porabili še nekaj ostale hrane.Pred hotelom smo morali biti točno ob 6.45,potem nas je prišel