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Mobilnosti dijakov v okviru Erasmus+ KA1

Friday 24.3

This Friday has started as every other Friday, as normal we have woken up at 6.30, did our morning duties and went on work. Pathe has leaded us as every

A Day at Work

My day starts at 6.30, when I and Blaž are woken up by the sound of alarm clock. It continoues with  morning duties in bathroom, and after thet we go

The last day

Last day has started as any other day, except that this was our last day at company. After our morning duties we went straight to our company where everybody were

The worst day

The worst day was when I fell sick. Already in first part of month I fell sick but that time wasn’t that bad as this time. I fell sick on

A disastrous day

As normal I have woken up in the morning and went on brekfast. After the brekfast I went in company where I work. I have sterted working like every other

Travelling – a great experience

This was my first biger travel for me, and it was also first time that i was traveling with plane. On Sunday my parents drove me to the airport, and

Free Monday

As the title says our third Monday was free so we were abble to sleep longer in the  morning. Because of that we started our day later than normal. We

Different people, different culture

Spain is really far from Slovenia so it is logical that people in Spain have different customs and also their colture is different from our. Peoples are more relaxed and

Thursday 23.3

In the morning I have woken up and went on brekfast in hotel whith my frends. After that we went on Metro, after that on train and then we had

A day at work

My work today was going perfect. I start at 8.30. First job of the day was small service on a car. I had to change oil, oil flter, cabin filter


Danes sva imela prost dan tako, da smo se odpravili na najbolj znano tržnico v Madridu- El Rastro. Na tržnico nas je pelal moj kolega Mara. Ko smo prišli na


Danes sva šla na delo še z večjim veseljem, saj je bil že zadnji delovni dan v tednu, ker imajo ta petek, ponedeljek in torek tako rečeno “siesto”. Današnje delo