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Mobilnosti dijakov v okviru Erasmus+ KA1

Pot domov

Ustali smo se ob 9h ter odsli jesti zajterk, nato smo spakirali do konca ter pocakali profesorje z Polske da so nas odpeljali na letalisce, tja smo prispeli ob 12h

traveling home

When the time came to pick us up at the hotel and take us to the airport, they were told that they would have a delay due to congestion on

The last day in practice

Today was the last day of practice, I replaced brake pads and discs on two vehicles made a regeneration on a van and made a service with a change of oil

Our normal day

we woke up at 7.20 to go eat breakfast then we started on the practice where we were from 8h to 2h then we went back to the hotel and

Karlik Poznan

Since 1988, the Karlik Group has gained experience in the automotive industry and is actively working and extending the portfolio with the permission of new brands. The Karlik Group is

zadnji dan dela

torej danes je napočil zadnji dan dela ki smo ga vsi težko čakali. jutro je potekalo kot ponavadi le, da malce bolj pozitivno. na delu sem opravil eno regeneracijo DPF


V teh šterih tednih sem dobil kar nekaj lepih izkušenj. Največ sem se naučil v zadnjem tednu ko sem delal z avto-električarjem ker mi taka dela bolj ležijo in se

Praksa 6.0

Last day of work, we didnt really have anything to do besides clean the workshop and say goodbye to the people that were teaching us for the past month, we


Today i went to a local dirt racing track, it’s surrounded by trees and old houses. The track itself is large, although not at all maintend, the few pit stop’s

Hotel Orange

The Hotel we are staying at is called ”Hotel Orange” its a good sized hotel, not the biggest though, it has around 200 rooms. The rooms aren’t anything special, 2

Praksa 5.0

At work today, we cut open a bunch of old barrels with the intention of using them as storage for old oil filters.

Praksa 4.0

At work today, we had to clean out another wearhouse, it was smaller but the items stored within it were larger and heavier, after everything was cleared we had to