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Mobilnosti dijakov v okviru Erasmus+ KA1

#7 school (18.4.)

Today we finished our stock and made storage document in excel. In Tuesday they have some kind of P. E. so we take a long walk in town. In the

#6 school (16.4.)

In Monday we started to work in warehouse, we made our own arrangement in the stock by storage document. We were excited because it was our first day of practice. In the

#1 weekend (Sunday 15.4.)

We spend our Sunday  in bed because it was raining outside.

#1 weekend (saturday 14.4.)

We woke up in foggy morning, but finally get enough sleep because we didn’t have to wake up at 6 o’clock. First we ate breakfast, get ready and take a

#5 Friday (13.4.)

Today we were in warehouse where they show us how they edit things by storage list. We finish at 12.00. In the evening we went on a drink.  

#4 school (12.4.)

On Thursday we organize warehouse, and define LEAN Manufacturing which is improving companies and get bigger profit. When we came from school we watched movies.

#3 school (11.4.)

Today we were doing tasks about how we act in job or school in common situations and what are our advantages and weaknesses at work. We try truck driving simulator

#2 school (10.4.)

Today we went to school by bus. We both were very tired. We had a presentation about Slovenia, everyone were very excited about it. Teacher put us in the grups

Welcome to school (9.4.)

Today it was our first day in school. There we meet our teacher and classmates. We made presentation of Slovenia and our school program which we will present tomorrow. We

Let the trip begin (8.4.)

On Sunday 8th April we begin our trip to Denmark. We flew from Brnik to Munchen and from there to Copenhagen. We live in Sonderborg, which is four hours away