Last week in school

Is it the fourth week already!? It went by quickly, and so did the events of the last week. This week, we learned how to write a program for a CNC mill and how to make part of it. I learned to write the program in two days, and preparing the machine did not cause any problems for us either. Everything almost worked as it should. We spent most of our time behind the machine during its operation, as 3D surfaces require much more time to make. My first product took an hour and a half. The second day, however, I shortened it so much that it lasted thirty minutes. The second product had a more precise 3D design and required much more time. We did this independently and worked on it until the last minute of school. Due to my inattention during work, the tip of the measuring watch was destroyed, which I am not proud of. I gained many new skills and experiences on the last day; I also felt partly under time pressure as I knew I wouldn’t be at school the next day. I gained much new knowledge this month, which I can use this summer.

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