Trip to Aarhus

We used the third Saturday to travel to the other side of the country to the 2nd largest city in Denmark. This is Aarhus. It took about an hour and a half to get there by train to a place 80 km away, about the same length as with Slovenian railways. We first visited the art museum, where well-known local painters exhibited paintings. They also had an exhibition of life where everything was shown from start to finish. A video of a horse being dismembered by the artist was also played. A panoramic circle of all colors is placed in the museum, and a considerable part of the city can be seen. After visiting the museum, we visited the town a bit and then went to the amusement park in Tivoli. There, we were most interested in the adventure part of the park, where I checked if I was afraid of heights. I tried climbing and going over obstacles, all at a height of 15 meters. I was most looking forward to the zip line. I had the most problems on the part where I had to grab a wooden grab bar, stay in the air, and drive to the other side. The course was quite tiring but full of experiences. After that, we walked around town looking for a restaurant to eat. After dinner, we headed home.

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