My expectations

In a few months i will visit Spanish  island Tenerife, as a part of my student exange. I am very looking foward to visit that part of the world. My expectations are on high level, especially because I’m going that far away from home, for the first time. I think that, living in foreign country will help me grow.

The experience that I will gain abroad, will come in handy in the future. I would like to know their way of life, their custums, habits, and especially their culinary. I heard that Spain has a very good food, so i am very looking foward to try paella and sangria.

In my free time I would like to explore as many sights as possible, museums and it’s nature. Especially volcanos and the ocean. I can’t wait to fly with the plane.

I would like to learn as much as possible about working with textiles. I want to know their way of work, working time and their way on looking on textiles and fashion. I expect to improve my english, and also the spanish that i learned from soap operas.

I think this experience will bring me a lot of new friends and give me the chance to know a lot of new people.

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