The two weeks passed to fast

This two weeks were one of best weeks in my life. I had a load of fun. But everything is over at some point. They shut down our school because of the virus. We thought we would stay there for some time. But the teachers called us right away. They said that we’re going home next morning dawn. We were sad, because we really wanted to there till the end. But we couldn’t change the situation. We packed stuff went in the city. It was the last night so we needed to make it count. We bought souvenirs and clothes, drank some beers and to sleep. The next morning had bus at 6:20 so we called a taxi to pick us up.

There was a long way ahead of us. Three hours with the bus and another three hours with the plane, and the end,  hours Zagreb to Ljubljana. The last day spand with traveling. It a very nice experience and I hope I can visit Zaragoza again.

Oglejte si tudi