Slovenia vs abroad

The first morning there we had quite a culture shock. We hadn’t had the chance to buy anything for breakfast yet so our plan was to buy something in the bakery across the street.

But despite it being some time past 9am, it was closed. I was used to bakeries being open as early as 6am, so this was quite a shock.

Another difference in living there versus living in Slovenia, was the public transport. One time Anja and I came home from work very late because we missed the bus.

Expect we didn’t really miss it. We were there. But we didn’t know you had to hand gesture to the bus driver in order for the bus to stop, to get on it.

After that day we made sure to always do the gesture. Luckily that was the only time and we never missed a bus after that.

Another thing on the buses that surprised me was people watching things on their phones with volume on. I drive by train every day to school in Slovenia and most of the times no one has volume on.

If you watch something on it, you have headphones /earphones /airpods on. But not them apparently. Maybe it isn’t that common, perhaps it was just a coincidence.

But it happened quite often so I’m not sure. It is also a possibility that I was just more likely to notice it because I wasn’t used to it.


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