The first day that we came to Zaragoza we noticed that our apartment building was under construction and construction workers were non stop entering and exiting the building. It’s actually a funny thing that the best english that I’ve heard in Spain was by a construction worker in our building. By “under construction” I dont mean that the whole building was being renovated the only thing that I think that they were building/renovating was the stairs which you can see in the main picture also they were building an elevator for the elderly beacause alot of people in our building were older and it made sense that they would need an elevator. The walls were very thin or it was just very badly sound isolated because we could hear everything that they were doing if they were breaking concrete if they were cutting steel or just talking in the hallway we could hear everything! As far as I know they finished the elevator the same week that we left It doesn’t really bother me because there wasnt really that many stairs but still it’s quite funny with the timing. I also mentioned the thin walls and believe me the floors were even thiner, late at night one floor above us there was a couple which a owned a relativlly big dog and like at 2 am I could hear his paws or his tail rubbing the floor and it was quite loud but in the end we got used to it and we werent really bothered by it.

Oglejte si tudi