The last day we wanted to go to the airport with the bus but we didn’t realise that the bus that we tought was going to the airport was meant for workers only so we had to think of a solution last minute. In the end we decided just to get a taxi ride which was 20€ which wasn’t too bad . We got to the airport maybe 2-3 hours earlier that the plane depature was scheduled. While we were waiting for the flight we just relaxed in the airport lounge and drink some coffee and think of blog ideas. Just before our departure we were noticing a storm coming to us and just when we were walking to the plane it started to raining cats and dogs it was quite horrible. Our airplane agency was Ryan Air which are known for their very harsh landings. The fly was quite stable with very low turbulence. And the rumors are true Ryan Air does have a tough landing but I still felt pretty safe. When we landed we still had to go to Ljubljana which we had a Go-opti ride. The ride form Venice to Ljubljana took us about 2-3 hours . The driver dropped us off at the railway station in Ljubljana where our parents picked us up and drove us home. In conclusion this whole Erazmus experience was very good the only thing that I wish was diffrent is getting to know more people while we were there, actually finding people who know how to speak english and that in our work experience we would be more usefull to the company and that we would actually work not just sit or stand and watch our mentors do the work. I still got 2 really good friend from it so I am happy.

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